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Name:Chris Evans
Location:California, United States of America

Character Name: Christopher Evans
Alias: Chris
PB: Dmitry Martynov
Character Age: 16
Alignment: Sinner
Character Race: Vampire
Fandom: Necroscope (OC)

Bio:Chris Evans was born in Los Angeles, California but moved with his parents to Bucharest, Romania in 2009. His father, Michael Evans, was a California state senator who was appointed by the new president as ambassador to Romania. Chris spoke a little Romanian thanks to his paternal grandmother, a Romanian immigrant. Chris attended the American International School of Bucharest while in Romania.

His family often visited Ploiesti, a town 35 miles north of Bucharest. There, they had a vacation home on the edge of town that they would stay in for weeks at a time during school vacations. During one such vacation, a Communist-era building was being torn down in their neighborhood to make way for a new park. While riding his bike around the construction site, Chris found several odd-looking black mushrooms, hidden in the shade of a pile of broken concrete. When he got closer, the mushrooms burst, releasing a cloud of red spores that made him sneeze. He didn't think anything else of it until he started getting sick. And then he noticed he was getting sunburned quicker, and he had a strange hunger for blood and rare meat. He never told anyone.

Two months after Chris's mysterious illness, his father was reassigned and his family moved back to Los Angeles. Chris now attends a private school in Los Angeles. In his free time, he reads obsessively. He especially likes any books about his unusual condition. He suspects what he's become, but he's not sure...yet.

Canon Timeline:
I'm picking up after the book Deadspawn. Harry Keogh is dead, and his sons, Nathan and Nestor, are still on the parallel world of Sunside and Starside.

Additional Details:

The vampiric leech begins its original life cycle as a fungus similar to a mushroom, formed from the decomposed flesh and fats of a deceased vampire. When a suitable host is detected (the ‘mushrooms’ seem to have some form of awareness), the caps burst open, releasing a cloud of spores which are inhaled (or otherwise absorbed) by the victim. The transformation is slow, as the spores must first adapt the body to suit the growth of a leech.

The only other means of infection are from direct transmission from a vampire, or by absorbing a leech’s egg, and becoming a full-blown "eggson" (or –daughter), or to be born the BloodSon/BloodDaughter of a vampire.

The process is slow, and the actual time between infection and full-blown vampirism varies greatly from host to host. Early symptoms include an aversion to light, red tinting of the eyes, a propensity for rare or uncooked meat, as well as developing allergies to silver and garlic.

When the body has grown enough to undergo the first change, or if the infecting vampire has personally seen to their becoming infected, the host enters a catatonic ‘death’ state. They awaken a thrall, and are psychically bound to their creators. This stage is skipped by Egg children, blood Children, and spore transformed, though in the case of egg children they often lose consciousness for a few hours due to the pain of the egg merging with their internal physiology.

This becomes the first stage of vampirism. Thralls possess enhanced speed, strength, and agility, but require more feeding than full-grown vampires. Some thralls possess other abilities, usually ones characterized in their masters. Thralls are also psychically slaved to their creators, unless they are transformed via spores or a leech’s egg. Vampires who are spore created or Bloodsons or are created with an egg skip this phase and go directly to full fledge “-son” stage.

At this point, the vampire takes one of two paths. It either ascends into a Lieutenant, or stops developing and remains as a thrall. This is usually based on the predilection of their master, and the strength of the host.

The next phase are vampire Lieutenants, who are basically vampire thralls with increased attributes and abilities. They are stronger, larger, and live much longer. In some cases a Lieutenant can even develop into full Wamphyri without any further infusion (such as an egg) if allowed long enough (usually centuries).

The most powerful of vampires are known as Lords and Ladies, and are referred to as true “Wamphyri.” They possess a wide range of abilities: enhanced transformational skills, psychic powers, extreme physical prowess, and a host of other skills. They have fully adult Leeches. They have exaggerated effects from sunlight, garlic and silver, but are more capable of recovery (unless the leech itself is damaged). These are truly monstrous creatures.

Vampire leeches produce only a single egg in their lifetime, except for "mothers," who are highly feared due to their ability to produce a prodigious number of eggs and thus create many true eggsons/daughters to compete with the existing Wamphyri. However, becoming a "mother" is also a highly feared phenomenon, because the leeches of "mothers" (according to the legend of the one vampire "Mother") produce eggs until the vampire was drained to a lifeless husk.

Unless the leech is fully destroyed, the vampire remains immortal, and can regenerate itself multiple times, although the regeneration process from grievous injuries leaves the creature more vampire than humanoid.

The leech itself is a snake-like creature, resembling a shovel-headed worm with fangs and no eyes. If fed, the leech can survive without a host, but lacks high-level intelligence. Leeches can leave doomed hosts (only in extremely dire situations) and seek new hosts, including animals, but animals can only be vampirized so long until they die.

Vampire Weaknesses:
  • Silver causes a paralytic effect on vampires, and can leave burn-like wounds and scars.
  • Garlic causes tremendous nausea, inflammation of infected areas, and debilitating illness, especially if ingested or absorbed.
  • Sunlight causes explosive immolation to the affected body parts.
  • Fire is a powerful tool, as vampiric flesh is noticeably weak against it.
  • Piercing the leech with a some sort of object, often a wooden stake, will trap the vampire until the offending object is removed.
Identifying a Vampire:
  • Aversion to sunlight, garlic and silver.
  • Eating raw or extremely rare meats in large quantities.
  • Red eyes. In some cases, the eyes also glow.
  • Exaggerated jaw lines, and pointed teeth, especially canines.
  • Cold, clammy skin.
  • Psychics can identify infected persons of any stage by a thing know as "mindsmog." This clouds the vampire's mind, and makes their thoughts unreadable in most cases.
Wamphyri Culture:
The Wamphyri are prideful creatures, quite concerned with status and elevating themselves among their fellow vampires.
On Starside, they are ever concerned with status symbols- a Wamphyri with more warriors or a better aerie is seen as dominant. They often engage each other in arguments or word-games to see which Wamphyri will be successful.
Duels and blood-feuds are not uncommon among the Wamphyri of Starside. Likewise, Wamphyri on Earth are concerned with status as well, always seeking to have more money, power and influence than the average man and vampire. Territory and other possessions come before all others. Wamphyri lords do not experience the same emotions as humans- love, caring, and generosity are lost, and replaced with only greed and bloodlust.
However, the Wamphyri of Earth have come to know that "anonymity is synonymous with longevity." As such, most Wamphyri try to remain subtle in their activities, choosing to go into hiding after so many years, only to re-emerge later as the "son" of the last Lord. In doing so, they hide their unusually long lifespans from the eyes of men, ensuring their continued reign on Earth.
About Chris:

Chris is a newly-infected vampire. As such, he is still changing and growing, and displays mostly the weaknesses of his condition with very few of the strengths. His growing leech keeps him weak in order to maximize its own chances of survival, since a weakened host is less likely to do something foolish that would wound or kill the leech. Chris is slowly developing a sensitivity to sunlight, silver, and garlic. Like most Wamphyri, his leech enhances his emotions and he is prone to overreacting to emotional stimulation. The natural telepathy that all Wamphyri develop over time barely works for him, and he doesn't consciously understand or use it yet. He hasn't yet discovered the natural shapeshifting and fleshcrafting ability of Wamphyri.

Eventually, he'll develop necromancy as his special talent. He'll be able to converse with the dead, but also torture them for their secrets.

Note: I've deliberately left him fairly normal, as far as newly-turned vampires go. He's had as normal a childhood as his parents could provide and was a fairly normal teenager up until he was turned into a vampire. I intend for a lot of his real character development, and his turn to real evil, to happen in-game, as opposed to in his backstory.


**Mun is well over 18, Muse is 16. There will be no sexual content in any of his posts, but he is a vampire and there may be violence or gore. Posts that may contain upsetting content will be marked and placed behind a cut.**
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