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This is a blend of my reading of the Necroscope series and plenty of headcanon, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Chris was infected in August of 2014 by breathing in spores let off by the Wamphyri parasite's mushroom phase. Once the spores entered his body he was sick with flu-like symptoms as the spores began to change his body and develop into a Wamphyri "egg", really a blastocyst-like structure of parasite cells that develop into the Wamphyri leech.

The egg, and later the leech, develops inside the body along the spine near the mid-back area. Here, the leech has ample blood supply as well as access to the nervous system of its host, through the spinal cord. The leech begins to slowly change its host. The first thing it does is to alter the blood of its host. Wamphyri blood carries an increased amount of oxygen, as well as white blood cells and other immune cells unique to the leech. Very few invading organisms, bacteria, viruses, or parasites, survive the leech's immune system, except for the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis which the leech is susceptible to.

In most bodily fluids, too, are infectious virus-like cells that the leech uses to change its host. They can, upon contact with an uninfected individual, multiply rapidly in the individual's body, sometimes causing a death-like torpor for several days while the body changes and the new vampire wakes up. These new vampires retain their individuality, but are completely in thrall to the Wamphyri leech (or its offspring) who first infected them.

Once the blood is changed, the leech goes to work on the other bodily systems. The host's senses are increased. Wamphyri possess a similar eye-structure to cats and can see easily in low light. They retain enough cone cells to see in normal color in normal light. A Wamphyri's sense of smell and the brain area that processes it are increased dramatically, enough that the Wamphyri can easily smell the blood of their victims. The outside structure of the nose changes, the tip turns up and the nose gains odd ridges, like a bat's nose. The Wamphyri's sense of hearing increases dramatically. The Wamphyri can hear heartbeats easily and can hear in ranges too high pitched for normal human senses to detect. Along with the increased senses, the outside structure of the ear changes. It grows larger, with different folds and a pronounced tip.

The host's body is flooded with hormones to induce growth, both in height and in muscle. A fully mature Wamphyri can gain over six inches of height and a large amount of muscle. Fully mature Wamphyri are able to hold 200 lbs easily in one hand.

The host slowly loses their teeth and gains instead teeth resembling those of dogs. Most are pointed, with only a few jagged molars in the back. The canines, top and bottom, are long.

The host's fingernails thicken and develop into claws.

Mentally, the leech enhances the host's brain. The host isn't necessarily smarter, but does learn quicker and does find it easier to perform difficult assignments. However, the leech also enhances the host's emotions. The host is prone to mood swings and tends to overreact to emotional stimulation. The leech changes the fight or flight response. The leech does not allow fear, and replaces it with anger or curiosity instead. Consequently, the host is almost certain to fight instead of flee in a dangerous situation, and very seldom will ever respond with fear to a danger. The host is far more aggressive and territorial than they were. The leech encourages self-centered thought and discourages bonding or soft emotions towards others, thereby encouraging the host to think about itself before all others and increasing its own survival.

The host also eventually learns to communicate telepathically and read the thoughts of others. Eventually, too, other talents can develop, such as Chris's unreliable talent to talk to (and eventually terrorize) the dead.

Like most vampires of all stages of development, Chris's mind is blocked by a psychic fog called "mindsmog". It isn't impossible to read his mind through it, but it takes a LOT of effort and the likelihood of him realizing he's being read and reacting violently is almost certain.

The Wamphyri all possess  an ability to morph their own flesh. Often at first, shortly after the leech becomes active, this ability is unconscious, used in times of stress or danger to allow the Wamphyri to fight, to enhance the Wamphyri even if they aren't fully changed. Later on the Wamphyri can learn to control it. Usually if used unconsciously, the changes reverse themselves once the Wamphyri calms down.


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In his dream, Chris sat again in his grandmother's kitchen, listening to her stories. As always, he had a fresh roll and some milk, though neither one interested him. The smell of the bread would have turned his stomach, even, had he not been far more interested in what his grandmother was doing.

She was talking to him, and though in life he'd had a hard time understanding her rapid fire Romanian, he understood every word. Her knife chopped rhythmically against her cutting board. Chris couldn't see what it was she was chopping. Every time he tried to bring it into focus, she'd wave that knife in his direction and raise her voice a moment to get his attention again.

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100 character development questions, taken from here. I'll answer them when I'm not working on other stuff. 100 questions for the internet, or ...other stuff. You know.

Mandatory Questions  

1. What about you is heroic?

2. What about you is social? What do you like about people?

3. Of what benefit could you be to the current group?

4. Why would you choose to join the current group?

5. Invent an adventure/plot that your character would actively undertake (as opposed to just tagging along)?  

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Character Name: Christopher Evans
Alias: Chris
PB: Dmitry Martynov
Character Age: 16
Alignment: Sinner
Character Race: Vampire
Fandom: Necroscope (OC)

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